Beth Partington, parent

"Jim Brown has a true gift for teaching. He and his staff provide excellent, consistent, quality teaching. GCSOM offers a wonderful positive learning environment. I've recommended it to many families."

Evelyn Savage, parent

"Jim Brown and all of the teachers at GCSOM are not only insanely talented but the WAY they teach brings out the very best in each and every student. Our son made a very strong connection with Mr. Jim and the guitar at his very first lesson over 5 years ago and he has since become a talented guitarist who still looks so forward to his weekly lesson. 

The teachers even let our son and two other students form a band with a weekly "practice," taught by Mr. Robert, and it has been an amazing outlet for him and the other students. There is no doubt that GSCOM teaches the students to become proficient with patient and guiding hands in a VERY fun way--highly recommend!"

Bruce Partington, parent

"Our family are big fans of Jim Brown and the Gulf Coast School of Music. Our son was the second student to enroll when they opened and still loves his guitar lessons; our daughter took voice lessons.

"Both of them have great admiration, respect and affection for Jim, as do my wife and I. He is a good and serious, yet jovial, role model for his students, reflecting musical seriousness of purpose, infused with a sense of fun. He is not only a gifted musician, but also a gifted teacher for students of all ages."

Michelle Lockhart, parent of former student

“Their motto says it all: Learn to Play the Fun Way! GCSOM is more than just music lessons; they foster a musical experience unmatched in the Pensacola area. Students of all ages come here to learn from real working musicians. These aren't your typical music teachers with boring books and basic exercises on how to play an instrument. These instructors welcome students into an environment that allows personal growth while they ROCK on their chosen instrument. 

And no boring, stuffy recitals here!! These kids (of ALL ages) will feel like rockstars with their first showcase performance…live show, real music (chosen jointly by the teachers and students), audience of future fans! 

Students are eager to go to lessons, they can't wait for the showcase performance, and they leave with so much more. The heart of the instruction is on teaching music and how to play an instrument, but the scope of the experience promotes self-confidence, maturity, commitment and goal achievement. 

If you know someone that needs to nurture their inner musician, this is the place to go. All levels, all ages are welcome! Our daughter started drums when she was 7 and looked forward to her lesson every week until we moved out of the area recently. So, go ahead, call now to schedule your child's music experience (and your own!) won't be disappointed, but you just might be shocked at how well they do what they do!”

Susan Riddle, parent of former student

"As a parent, few people are more important than those who teach my child and have the opportunity to influence his life. My ten-year-old son's experience as Jim Brown's guitar student was terrific. Jim is a natural, insightful teacher with an ability to build a rapport with students of all ages. I would highly recommend him to anyone who would like to pursue an interest in music."